Travellin’ update – April 23, 2020:
The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is in the middle of a surge in my home state of Massachusetts and we have all been asked to avoid unnecessary travel. At this time, we do not know when vacation travel will be allowed again. State parks in most states are largely currently closed as well, so car camping adventures are currently on hold.

We are currently waiting for the snows to melt around Bellie’s wintering garage in Maine before we make a quick trip to retrieve her for backyard camping. In the meantime, to feed my camping hunger, I have crafted a hammock camping setup in my tiny, urban backyard, and it has proven very satisfying! I used only materials that I had on hand in mt basement – some ratchet straps, scraps of oak flooring and two metal brackets meant to make a firewood holder out of 2x4s 

Here are some photos of my setup – I connected the 3 ratchet straps to the thick posts on my fence and used the free-standing wooden structure to take some of the weight off the fence:

More backyard camping adventures are likely this summer!!!


No doubt, the wander to wonder gene is strong within me. Travel and camping, mostly in state parks, rejuvenates me. In 2017 we became parents to this fabulous TC Teardrop trailer which has made our camping travels joyful and super comfy.  Below are some photos that highlight our U.S. travels with ‘Bellie’. She is the belly of the Buddha and is my place of centering.